Historical tents

Tents are mainly used for recreating in these days. But tents were first of all a necessary equipment of warriors and whole armies in the past. Soldiers used both large and small tents, depend ding on its function and number of people it should shelter. Choose a tent that will suit your needs best. There are medieval and gothic tents, historical ridge tents, conical tents, tents from American Civil War, and many more in our offer.

A tent is an improvised shelter consisting of fabric sheets or other waterproof material draped over or attached to a frame of poles or a supporting rope. Tent used to stretch over wooden frameworks in the past. The tents are not freestanding and must be anchored and guyed out securely. Ropes and pegs were used for anchoring.

Best sold are medieval and gothic tents or historical ridge tents. Besides, we also offer conical tents, tents from American Civil War and other models of historical tents. Smaller historical tents can stand self-reliantly or with the use of anchor ropes. Larger tents are usually anchored with tension ropes, metal pegs or other appropriate accessories.

Larger historical tents were used as portable homes by nomadic people. Smaller historic tents were mainly used by armies. Huge armies (e.g. the Roman Army) had to cover distance of hundreds of kilometres. Therefore, they had to have with them improvised shelters. More soldiers slept in a single tent. Historical tents fulfilled its purpose greatly.

Our Historical tents have unrepeatable historical atmosphere! Experience it, enjoy it!

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