Hand-forged fire steels

Do you often go to the wild, where you have to know how to make a fire? Forget about the matches and lighters and try classical hand-forged fire steels. Tinderbox is a collective term for a flint, a fire striker and tinder. Our fire strikers are very high quality and skillfully made. So you make a great impression on your forest friends thanks to them!

Fire steel by Haller

Fire steel by Haller

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Germanic Fire Striker

Germanic Fire Striker

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Hand-forged fire steel should not be missing in backpack of any adventurer. Take also a compass or survival knife along. You will find all in our offer. And when fire burns, you will heat soup up in one of our forged caldrons.

Hand-forged fire steel is a piece of high carbon or alloyed steel. The fire steel is quickly rubbing against a sharp edge of hard flint. A swarf is separated thanks to this process and so warm and visible spark is generated. The spark has to hit the tinder. Then the spark is blown up and fire is generated. Tinder and flint are not included.  But you will find them in the woods.

Enjoy making fire with our hand-forged fire steels!

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