Archery, Bows and Arrows

Archery is especially relaxing movement activity. It can be both occasional hobby and professional sport. High quality equipment is important not only for the performance of your bow, but also for maintaining your good health. All types of bows can be found in our e-shop: compound, reflex, recurve and also (English) longbows. Arrows and other accessories to shoot with a bow can also be found here. Our archery equipment will satisfy your passion for bows and arrows!

Archery, bows and arrows had an important role in many historical cultures. To most contemporary people it is known mainly from movies about the Wild West. Bows are often used by Indians in these movies. North-American-Indians were highly skilful makers of bows and arrows. They were also excellent archers. Asians always used to be significant archers too. A traditional Japanese archery is very interesting. Kyudo is a modern Japanese martial art that includes the idea of moral and spiritual development and purification.

Even in these times, dads teach their kids how to make their own bows and arrows. It is a traditional boys' fun. Handmade bows are very similar to primitive bows and arrows from prehistoric times. For example, African bows are made only from bent trees or branches also today. Traditional bowstrings were made from leathers, animal’s guts or strings and attached by tying up to the bow ends. Arrowheads of war arrows were usually poisoned. Maybe that is why African tribes didn’t need to develop the construction of their bows relying to the efficiency of the used poison.

There are long bows, sport bows, recurve bows, composite bows, bows for children and many more you would need for your archery hobby. Targets, arrows and other archery outfit are ready for you as well. You may also be interested in our offer of crossbows and shooting equipment for crossbowmen!

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You may order this service with your order to save the hassle with packing a gift by yourself. Your goods will are put in a standard cardboard box that is then wrapped in a colourful gift paper. The colours and decorative motifs of the gift paper change with the seasons of the year. The colourful gift wrapping is also bound about with coloured ribbon. The whole “gift” is then wrapped in bubble wrap and black stretch film so that it does not come to any harm during the transport. Be careful when unpacking, so that you do not damage the gift packaging yourself! We hope you and / the presentee will like our gift wrapping.

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